A Letter to New Mothers

Reblogged on mumsbumpsandbeyond. Great and wise words for not only new mothers but those also revisiting parenthood with the addition of another sibling. Definitely taken on board. Thanks for sharing.

The Interior Life

I’ve got several friends who are expecting, or have recently welcomed, their first babies this year. Whenever I think of them, I have an instant flashback to my first week home with Claire, which is blurred at the edges with the ungodly sleep deprivation that comes with the gift of parenthood.

I would not say that I handled the adjustment well. I remember my mother-in-law calling me “unflappable,” and my own mother saying how wonderfully laid back I seemed, but this was either a great ruse on my part or it was simply their interpretation of what I remember as a feeling of utter overwhelm.

After talking with two friends this week who now live farther away from me than I would like, I was also reminded of the blessed kindness extended to me as a new mother. These two women – one, the mother of two, and the other…

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15 Days and Counting

So the countdown has begun, I can’t believe that there is only 15 days left until I meet my Prince… I ask myself, Am I anxious? Am I excited? Why would I be, I’ve done it all before as my Princess is 2 which I guess was not that long ago yet this pregnancy feels so different. WHY??  I know they say each pregnancy is different but can it vary so much.

However Its amazing how you are able to see yourself grow. From where I was 2 years ago until now.. I’m in a completely different place. Not only have I got more experience at being a mum (of which I am still learning) but confidence within myself has also increased, especially when I look at my daughter and see the amazing achievements that she has done. And I am so excited to see the growth and what is more to come.

So coming back to my question I asked myself earlier, am I anxious or am I excited?  I am definitely excited!! I can’t wait for my son to be born, for him to meet mummy, daddy and his big sister. So bring it on! Labour I wait for you to come with open arms as in 15 days, more or less I will meet my Prince and I can’t wait!!!


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A little bit about ourselves. . .

Mums, Bumps and Beyond is specially designed to keep mothers engaged with the one-to-one one interaction with their children and also with liked minded mothers in the same situation. Enabling mothers to still enjoy some of what they did before having children but having the ability to still embrace motherhood.

A support network is essential in promoting not only a happy parent child relationship, but
as parent having the ability to fuse an attachment with your child is essential in boosting your child’s emotional and social development. Therefore my being a part of an environment in which this is encouraged will therefore allow parents to form a secure attachment in which they are readily available to meet the needs of their child in a responsive and appropriate manner.

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